Antonio La Grotta

SS36. City Song

Format: Heavy Hard cover canvas

Size: 17,5 x 24,5 cm

Paper: Usomano 140 gsm / sirio pearl ice white


Edition: dummy book

design: Simona Tratzi

form N° 257. Non-Places >jan/feb 2015

photo >cover+double spread

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Volodja è il racconto che Wu Ming 1 ha scritto per il progetto I muri di Mirafiori.

In equilibrio tra realtà e finzione, Volodja prende il nome dal suo protagonista, il fantasma del poeta Vladimir Vladimirovič Majakovski, e canta la Fabbrica di Mirafiori in un momento decisivo, uno snodo storico: quello degli scioperi e i cortei interni degli operai nel 1969.

Un progetto di : Edoardo Bergamin, Francesca Infantino, Marco Magnone, Christel Martinod, Paola Monasterolo / a.titolo, Maurizio Cilli fotografie: Antonio La Grotta

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The Sony World Photography Awards each year reward the work from the best professional and amateur photographers from across the globe. The 2015 book showcases the very best of this phenomenal competition and features all winners, with comments from the jury members, and has a retrospective dedicated to the 2015 recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award.

216 pages

22x29cm (Portrait) / Hardcover

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Paradise Discotheque book

Format: Heavy Softcover with card slipcase

Size: 17x22,7cm

Pages: 96

Paper: Paper: Usomano / matt coated /             200 gsm + Heavy Softcover mirror board, high gloss, silver metallicized (reflecting / white)

Edition: First / 150 / signed

The layout of Paradise Discotheque is an arrangement of segments folded and layered inside and around each other. There is no one proper way to read through it. By opening and unfolding different pages, the reader enjoys a new order and experience every time. It is like a musical score that changes continuously.

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Sospensioni. Prove di decodificazione dell'Alta Valle Susa contemporanea.

Con Laura Cantarella e Simone Perolari

A cura di Antonio De Rossi

Coordinamento scientifico Federica Corrado  di CIPRA Italia, con il contributo del Programma "Torino e le Alpi" della Compagnia di San Paolo.

dummy book / design: Francesca Tambussi

cover nelle 4 lingue di CIPRA:

sloveno, tedesco, francese, italiano

Night Fever

Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today

Editore: Mateo Kries, Jochen Eisenbrand, Catharine Rossi


26,5 x 20 cm, 400 pagine / anno 2018

Ca. 500 fotografie, prevalentemente a colori

ISBN: 978-3-945852-23-1

Prezzo: 59,90€

Night Fever. Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of the design history of the nightclub, examining its cultural context and international scope. Examples range from the Italian clubs of the 1960s created by the protagonists of Radical Design to the legendary Studio 54 where Andy Warhol was a regular and the Palladium in New York, designed by Arata Isozaki, as well as more recent concepts by architecture studio OMA for the Ministry of Sound II in London.

Featuring films and vintage photographs, posters, flyers, and fashion, Night Fever takes the reader on a fascinating journey through a world of glamour, subculture, and the search for the night that never ends.

Cura. Racconti fotografici sulla Città della Salute

Format: Heavy Hardcover

Size: 17,7 x 25,2 cm

Paper: materica clay  250 gsm / arco print milk


Pages: 241

Edition: First / 300

design: IED

Un anno di ricerca e di lavoro sul campo sfociano nella mostra fotografica Cura. Racconti fotografici sulla Città della Salute, realizzata grazie alla collaborazione della Regione Piemonte e di Roche.

The Alpine Lab. The experience carried on by CIPRA in Susa Valley

stampa: offset bianca e volta

size: 19x24 cm

rilegatura: brossura

pagine: 128, colore e b/n

copertina: 350 gr, patinata, stampa a 1 colore solo bianca.

sovracoperta: stampa solo bianca in quadricromia, carta uso mano, 54x24 cm

design: Francesca Tambussi

edizione: 500

Carcy - a reference to undressing and stepping out of societal norms - is a Paris born , large format journal focused on the topic and representation of eroticism. It's slick, minimalist design and hybrid content seeks to portray all genders , identities and sexualities , in order to sublimate and widen notions of beauty and sensuality .

Carcy comes out annually with a sophisticated , pared down aesthetic and a penchant for vintage , high-end quality photography and portraiture .Visually, it draws on the history of the photography and narrative process of Cinema .

The magazine is about people and their link between something both intimate and universal , ancien acts constantly redefined by new norms and rules .

Issue 2

With: Paul Wetherell, Alice Rosati , Charlie le Mindu , Jacques-André Boiffard , Mathias Karlsson , Antonio La Grotta , Merlin Carpenter, Marine Serre , Stefani Papps

Andreas Larsson , Benoit Bethume , Simon Thiebault , Ingve Holens , Nils Bech , Florian Johan , Patrick Waugh, Jean Paul Paula , Brassai , Julia Hetta , Bloomers and Schumm, Hannes Hetta...


MANAGING EDITOR Micha Barban-Dangerfield

EDITOR Francisca Würz

DESIGNER Côme de Bouchony

TEXT Dancing on ruins > Seb Carayol

SCAPEGOAT: Architecture | Landscape | Political Economy

Nr. 10: Night / 2017 / Canada

Eleonora DIAMANTI, The Parabola of Italian Discotheques: Between Radical Architecture and Spaghetti Dance

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Il Re Muto. New medical journal

Edition of 100


102 Pages

6 Pages text pamphlet

PVC Softcover

Capriccio 2000

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Artists: Dafne Boggeri, Caterina De Nicola, Andrea De Stefani, Lorenza Longhi, Andrea Magnani,

Michele Rizzo, Giuliana Rosso

Curated by: Rosa Tyhurst, Jeppe Ugelvig, Hannah ZafiropoulosYoung

Curators  Residency Programme: Lucrezia  Calabrò  Visconti

Published by CTRL magazine

2019 / Edition 400

pag.84-87 images from Paradise Discotheque project


The rise and fall of the dynasty

Edition of 250


76 Pages

Softcover with two flaps

Trade edition / 35,00 euro

Limited edition with print / ed. 10 / 120,00 euro.

Choose among 2 different prints, signed and numbered edition of 4 each or 2 North Korean postage stamp



Un progetto a cura di Supersento


musica architettura corpi

Paradise Discotheque Vol. 1 2015-2021

first edition 100

Fzine 3

fotografie di Besana, Cavallero, La Grotta, Passiatore

a cura di  Fulvio Bortolozzo


EUFORIA /november 2022

link: Graphicus Magazine